• Normal length: 45, 50, 60cm
  • Barrel round beads, cognac or bi-color
  • Baroque round beads, cognac, yellow
  • Baroque round beads, multicolor
  • Baroque round beads, black
  • Baroque round beads, natural
  • Cubical necklaces
  • Designer necklaces
  • Disk necklaces, cognac, yellow
  • Disk necklaces, multicolor
  • Disk necklaces with broken edges, cognac, multicolor
  • Eye necklaces, cognac, yellow, multicolor
  • Facet round bead necklaces, cognac or citrin
  • Facet olive bead necklaces, cognac or citrin
  • Facet potatoe bead necklaces, cognac, multicolor
  • French necklaces
  • Hand grinded stones necklaces
  • Honey necklaces
  • Necklaces of teeth-stones
  • Olive bead necklaces, cognac, yellow
  • Olive bead necklaces, multicolor
  • Olive bead necklaces, black
  • Olive beads necklaces, longish drilled, cognac, yellow
  • Potatoe necklaces, cognac
  • Potatoe necklaces, multicolor
  • Potatoe necklaces, black
  • Round bead necklaces, cognac, yellow
  • Round bead necklaces, multicolor
  • Round bead necklaces, black
  • Runa necklaces
  • Rustical necklaces, cognac
  • Rustical necklaces, multicolor
  • Splinter necklaces, small stones, cognac, yellow, citrin, multicolor, 45, 68, 120, 200cm
  • Splinter necklaces, small splinters with knots
  • Splinter necklaces, large splinters, cognac, yellow, multicolor, black
  • Square bead necklaces
  • Tumbled necklaces, cognac, yellow, multicolor
  • Tumbled stone necklaces
  • Zebra form necklaces, bi-color or cognac


  • High polished colliers
  • Rustical colliers
  • Wedding collier

Necklaces for children, bracelet and pendants:

  • Normal length 33-35cm
  • Baroque round bead necklaces, cognac, yellow, multicolor
  • French necklaces, tumbled natural stones
  • Olive round bead necklaces, cognac, yellow, multicolor
  • Splinter necklaces, cognac, yellow, citrin, multicolor
  • Round bead necklaces, cognac, yellow, multicolor
  • Pendant „Bunny“
  • Pendant „Harlequin“– little man
  • Tumbled necklaces, cognac, yellow, citrin, multicolor
  • Tumbled necklaces with central teething stone, cognac, yellow, multicolor
  • Tumbled bracelets, cognac, yellow, citrin, multicolor


  • Crosses
  • Donuts
  • Forms, different hand grinded forms
  • Hand grinded pendants
  • Hearts, small sizes, cognac, yellow
  • Hearts, large sizes, cognac, yellow
  • Rune pendants (stone with engraved rune sign)
  • Pendants in drop form, silver
  • Pendants „Bunny“
  • Pendants „Harlequin“= little man
  • Pendant in natural form, sides made round
  • Pendants in potatoe form
  • Pendants with insect inclusions
  • Pendants with silver, 3-40g
  • Tumbled stone pendants, with drilled hole
  • Tumbled stone on a leather string
  • Tumbled stone on a pin
  • Viking pendant
Ear jewelry:
  • Ear pendants in drop form, silver
  • Ear clips, cabochon, different sizes, silver
  • Ear hook, 8mm round beads, silver
  • Ear hook with cabochon, silver

Silver jewelry:

  • Bracelets
  • Cuff links
  • Ear clips with cabochons
  • Ear pins with cabochons or round beads
  • Golden rings (585) with insect stones
  • Hearts, small and large forms
  • Key pendants, silver plated
  • Pendants
  • Pendants in drop form
  • Rings


  • Bracelets with silver
  • Rustical bracelets, suitable to rustical colliers
  • Slab bracelets (small slabs), cognac, yellow, multicolor
  • Splinter bracelets, cognac, yellow, citrin, multicolorChristian rosaries, Crosses, Moslem rosaries,
  • Christian rosaries, splinters with metal cross
  • Christian rosaries, baroque round beads with amber cross
  • Crosses
  • Moslem rosaries, 6-10mm round beads, 33/66/99 beads with amber minaret


  • Amber boxes, wooden construction, full parquetry ( intarsia), different sizes
  • Buttons
  • Cigarette etui
  • Cigarette holders
  • Cuff links
  • Dices
  • Fire lighters
  • Key pendants, silver plated
  • Letter openers
  • Pens
  • Rune stones, ABC
  • Ships, different sizes
  • Viking money, normal size, slab with hole in the middle
  • Viking money, large size
  • Wheels, oversized Viking money

Tumbled stones:

  • Tumbled stones, 0.8-3g, mixed colours
  • Tumbled stone, 3-8g, only cognac
  • Tumbled stones, 3-8g, mixed colours
  • Tumbled stones, 5-20g, mixed colours

Hand grinded stones:

  • Hand grinded stones, 4-19g
  • Hand grinded stones, 20-59g
  • Hand grinded stones, 60-99g
  • Hand grinded stones, 100-199g
  • Hand grinded stones, more than 200g

Insect Inclusions:

  • Golden rings (585) with insect inclusion stones
  • Insect inclusions in a magnifier box
  • Pendants with insect inclusions
  • Small insect inclusions, stones up to 3 g/p
  • Small insect inclusions, stones 3 up to 50g/p
  • Special insect inclusions


Amber Powder:

  • Basic for creams:Smaller 20my
  • Basic for Peeling: Smaller 120my
  • Amber Wellness Articles:
    Massage pads
    Joint cushions
    Knee warmer
    Spinal massage layer and warmer


Amber for pets:

  • Dog and cats necklaces
  • Collars for horses available

Amber candles

Amber for incensing

Amber rough material:

  • From 0.5g up to 200g/p     Please ask for quotation


Amber semi finished goods:

  • Different shapes like round beads, baroque round, barrels, olive beads, chips etc: quotation on demand